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Premium Services for Acoustic and Urban Music

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Do you need an arrangement for your song? Acoustic or electronic sounds, strings or wind instruments? I will find exactly the right tone for your song!


Are you looking for a producer with a lot of experience and a good feel for the next step in your career? Then you are exactly right with me! I accompany you every step of the way from writing to mastering!


The mix is ​​the central element of your production. I make sure that your music not only sounds good, but also attracts attention and stands out through transparency, clarity, warmth and pressure.
With a live stream system, you can be part of the mix from anywhere in the world.

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About Me

I have been working as a producer, composer, arranger and mixing engineer for many years. I love to take your music to another level with you and to see how you as an artist can discover and present your uniqueness.

My productions have been awarded four Impala Awards and are clicked and streamed millions of times.



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about me
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Debby van Dooren

My wishes and ideas in mixing and mastering were implemented perfectly and my songs were also made mega suitable for radio.

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Gloria Blau

I love “das Toni” as a place of creativity and productivity. Samuel is a great person and producer who always takes good care of my being as an artist.

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Sefora Nelson

Samuel is calm and precise and for me the perfect antithesis, but as an artist he doesn't miss a single detail. You can absolutely trust him.

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